Seth Godin on – How to make money using the Internet

By | March 3, 2009

I just found this post on Seth Godin’s blog. He talks about using the Internet as a “tool” for your business and not as the business itself. Read the post thoroughly – some great ideas here!

Use it as a starting point for a brainstorming session, to find new ways to generate an income. Here’s The Post: How to make money using the Internet.

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3 thoughts on “Seth Godin on – How to make money using the Internet

  1. almir

    good blog but yeah their are so many ways to make money online but the best way to make money online is when you help someone do the same

  2. Scott

    I have to agree, but a lot of people out there just buy stuff and never put it to use. Laziness will never make success.

  3. Tom Broadbridge

    A great post, the problem is how do you choose which is the right way?

    I am inundated with ideas and torn everywhich way by the so called Guru’s all flogging each other just for the affiliate commission!!

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