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By | February 23, 2007

When I’m looking for ideas to blog about, I often head over to PRweb and have a look at what’s new in my niche. You see, the use of press releases is an excellent way to get a buzz going about a new website or a new service or a give-away etc… So, PRweb is an excellent place to keep abreast of your Niche. Now, something else to consider, even though Press Releases have been around long before the web was in existence, the web did bring something new to the world of Press Releases…

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One aspect of PRweb that is often overlooked is the fact that many of the press releases will give you a trackback if you reference them on your blog. I’ve used this tactic quite a bit and see a reasonably steady stream of traffic coming from these press releases for sometimes weeks after I make the post.

Further, a look at the source code of these trackbacks reveals that PRweb is NOT using the fabled “NoFollow” tag. Which means, Google CAN follow these links and CAN give you a PR (as in Page Rank) boost. What’s more, PRweb is an authority site with a homepage Page Rank of seven; make no mistake, this is one of the trusted sites that Google spiders everyday!

Now for a real-world example:
Here’s an example of a [tag-tec]Trackback[/tag-tec] I received for a post I did back in December:

The PRweb page above has a [tag-tec]Page Rank[/tag-tec] of 4, if you follow the link through to my post you’ll see that my page has a PR 3 – most of the Page Rank has to be from my PRweb trackback since my Homepage is only a PR 2 🙁 .

…That’s all I’m saying on this one, use the technique if you want, tell your friends about it… Just please …speak kindly of me 😉 .

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49 thoughts on “PR… PRweb … PRBoost

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  2. VladTheAffiliate

    I followed the link to PRWeb and then back to your article…. Your article does not seam to have a link to that press release. I am just curious which url did you ping? The one that is usually provided at the end of press releases?

  3. Affiliate Profit Center Post author


    I just pinged the trackback url of the press release – the link in my post goes to the tool that the press release is talking about.

  4. VladTheAffiliate

    Yes I notcied that. I tried to do the same with one of my blogs. But about 12 hours later there is no indication on the press release page to acknowledge the ping from my site.

  5. Recall Guy

    I’m going to give this a shot, but the blog I want to use is Blogger. I know how to ping a site with my WP blogs, but I don’t see an option with this one.

    Anyone know anything about Blogger? Vlad, do you have an update? Did you use the Trackback URL at the end of the PR?

  6. VladTheAffiliate

    Well I have tried to ping both the trackback url as well as the permalink (just in case). I did it well over 20 hours ago and still do not see trackback to my website. I see there possible answers. Either there is something drastically wrong with my site, I did not do it correctly or the trackbacks are going through a sort of an editorial review. At this time can’t either confirm or deny. But I trust Dave on this one, his post is a definite proof to me, I just need to figure out how to do it correctly.

  7. Affiliate Profit Center Post author


    It takes time, do several and wait a few days, you’ll get some good trackbacks.

    Also, it’s the weekend – it’s possible that noone is checking them now.

    Let me know how you make out.


  8. VladTheAffiliate

    Dave Thanks. I tried again from my blog with a post about Wordtracker, PRWeb gave me tackback right away, but this time I actually included a link to the release itself in the post.

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  10. morganusvitus

    The site looks great ! Thanks for all your help ( past, present and future !)

  11. Andy Beard

    I grabbed myself a PR Web trackback link a couple of days ago, on the post about BlogCatalog

  12. syed

    Any other site like prweb which provide trackback links ?

  13. Peter

    I’m thinking about the other end, offering a trackback url to one of my posts. I have a wordpress blog and have a “trackback url” I assume that someone is supposed to click that to get my trackback url, but if I click it i get no url, just reloads the page.

    I have tried it on your blog and get the same, no trackback url. how do I get a trackback url onto my blog?

  14. Affiliate Profit Center Post author


    You just have to copy the trackback url (right click and copy url), then paste that url into the trackback area when you make your post.

    Your blog software will ping that address and the trackbackee will be notified.


  15. Shopautodotca Seocontest

    What is especially good about this is that you can create posts containing interesting information for your readers, all the while getting good links to your site. I have employed this on a few occasions, but only when the content is applicable to what I am writing about on my blog.

  16. Internet Marketing Tools

    That’s some great information!

    I hope that PRWeb will not start nofollow trackback links like a lot of other sites.

    Anyway, it works as long as it works and it’s free (except for the time spent making the trackback post).

  17. Artem

    Wow.. it’s a new way of getting High PR links from social services. Thank you for it.

  18. perde

    Well, thank you for the info I kind of don’t think PR matters as much as it used to be. Trust does.

  19. Evil

    I’ve been reading a lot of blogger blogs for a while now, and this is the first time I’ve come across this this tip. It’s a great one!

  20. Self Hypnosis

    This is indeed a great way to boost link popularity. I picked up this one from ASC forum some time ago. Let’s just hope spammers don’t catch up with it.

  21. Marvin

    I’ve read about using a press release as part of link building but I’ve never tried it. I’ve been focused on article marketing, which I assumed accomplished much the same thing. Perhaps it’s coincidence that I just signed up with a PR distributor and have been looking at some various ways to use press releases in my over all strategy. The information provided in this article is certainly useful. Thanks much

  22. Jason

    very nice post. I like the idea of the track back. I would have thought Google would have counted it as a reciprocal, I guess not than.

  23. car insurance

    Many thanks for the tip! I have seen some trackbacks there that didn’t seem like they wrote anything relevant to the atual page, they just sent the ping with their own info 🙂

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  27. credit

    Thanks for the method. I have never earlier heard about getting links from PRweb trackbacks. This method will work great, I’m sure. I have posted a link to a prweb press release from a post on a blog i have. Hope it will work!!
    Anyways, great link building trick.. Thanks for this free information..

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